2005 Act Casino Licences

Casino Licences
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As part of the implementation of the Gambling Act 2005, the power to award 16 additional ‘new style’ licences authorised under the Act, by way of competition, was allocated to 16 Licensing Authorities (many of which already had 1968 Act casinos). The grant of one regional casino permitted by the Act has never been implemented.

Eight of these were for large and eight for small casinos. To date, only (two) four of the small casinos have been developed and three of these held existing 1968 Act casino licences. The licence upgrade allowed for an additional 60 (20) B1 gaming machines. The lack of interest in small casinos (4 Authorities have never held their licence competitions) has been attributed to the fact that they require larger premises than large casinos, in order to accommodate the full entitlement of gaming machines because of the machine to table multiplier of 2 to 1. In large casinos the multiplier is 5 to 1. Only one completely new small casino has been developed in Bath and ceased trading within 2 years.

To date only four of the large casinos are operating but all eight licences have been awarded. We are experienced in the tendering process for ‘new style’ licences and can help operators who would like assistance with this matter should any of the competitions for the four remaining small licences proceed.”