Help with licensing in the leisure industry

We assist clients across a diverse range of businesses in the entertainment and hospitality sectors including nightclubs, pubs, restaurants, hotels, theatres, cinemas, casinos, football clubs, festivals and art galleries. We have helped obtain a wide variety of licences from Premises Licences, Pavement Licences and Personal Licences to licences for marriage and civil ceremonies and special treatment licences

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"The lawyers are proactive and innovative with quick turnaround times


Putting the correct licence in place

The process of obtaining the correct licence for your business can be onerous. Equally, being subject to a licence review or having your licence revoked can be devastating. Seeking help and advice from one of our expert alcohol and entertainment licensing lawyers can make the process much smoother, less stressful and more efficient than attempting to navigate licensing law yourself.

Why choose us

We offer a complete legal service to licensed businesses operating in the leisure, retail and hospitality sectors. We work with clients across a range of business sectors including:<.p>

  • Hotels
  • Country Estates
  • Theatres and cinemas
  • Restaurants, cafes, pubs, bars and nightclubs
  • Convenience stores and supermarkets
  • Outdoor events / Festivals
  • Gyms
  • Football clubs
  • Casino, bingo, betting and lotteries

Whether you operate a single site business or have several premises, we can offer advice, guidance and take control of any licensing applications. We can work with you to achieve your objectives. Our team has in-depth knowledge and understanding of the motivation that drives industry players and the dynamics affecting the sector.

Our services are not limited to alcohol and entertainment licensing law. We also support our customers with legal advice across a number of other specialist areas including gaming and betting, real estate issues, leases, trademarks, employment, immigration, contract disputes, mergers and acquisitions, refinancing and tax. Through our consulting arm we can also offer services including project management, management consultancy and IT support.

Applying for a licence

"The lawyers are proactive and innovative with quick turnaround times


Licence Protection Plan

Here for when things don’t go to plan

It may not always be plain sailing and you might need someone to protect your Premises Licence. We have successfully defended licencees faced with interim steps hearings, Premises Licence reviews and criminal investigations arising out of breach of licence conditions and other illegal activity on licensed premises.

We deal with the Police, Environmental Health, Licensing Authorities, Trading Standards, Planning Enforcement Officers and HMRC. We attend interviews under caution and represent licencees and Designated Premises Supervisors, prosecuted for a variety of licence related offences. We work with our customers to achieve the best outcome for their individual situation

Licence reviews and appeals Criminal Defence

Licensing For Business

Support for investors and start-ups

We offer support to investors and start-up as follows:-

  • Undertaking due diligence on licensing and regulatory issues for investors wishing to acquire assets and/or companies.
  • Working alongside both corporate and property lawyers undertaking transactional work, to include providing support for pre-contract enquiries as well as providing guidance on appropriate wording for asset purchase/sale and purchase agreements, and agreements for lease.
  • Conducting audits on premises licences and approved licensing plans.
  • Arranging for appropriate licensing applications to be made on completion.
  • Providing expert advice to investors on licensing issues arising from insolvency or bankruptcy
  • Registering a landlord’s interest in licensed premises
  • Obtaining a shadow licence
  • Providing detailed pre-application advice to investors and start-ups to include and assessment of percentage chances of success in obtaining a satisfactory premises licence