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Licensing lawyers for pubs, bars and nightclubs

Licensed premises provide their customers with the perfect setting to relax and socialise with friends. However, bars, pubs and nightclubs can be subject to stringent licensing conditions and navigating the regulatory landscape can be a time consuming and confusing task.

When obtaining licences for your business, it can be confusing figuring out which you need. If you would like to serve alcohol, you will need a Premises Licence which will be issued by the relevant authority. However, in addition you will also need a Personal Licence holder who will be the Designated Premises Supervisor on your Premises Licence. If you would like to have outside seating at your venue, then it is likely you will need a Pavement/Tables and Chairs Licence, while if you plan to display branding on umbrellas, awnings or signage, you must obtain advertising consent. If you already have a premises licence and would like to make any changes, you may need to apply for a licence variation.

Why choose us

Our team of experts have extensive knowledge of the sector and can offer realistic and effective advice and work with you to achieve your objectives. We can work with you to make sure you have the correct licences in place for your business.

We have worked with various licensing authorities over the years and the benefit of our experience, enables us to anticipate the likely approach of these authorities and to prepare applications, as far as possible, in order to achieve the best possible outcome for you.

Things don’t always go to plan and if something does go wrong it is important to make sure you have a team well-equipped to fight your corner. We regularly help clients to successfully appeal a licensing committee decision and advise them when their licences are under review. We also have a strong background in successfully representing clients who have been subject to criminal proceedings for underage sales and/or breach of licence conditions.

Examples of our current and previous work includes:

  • Obtaining advertising consent for a chain of restaurants and bars, including listed buildings and premises within conservation areas.
  • Representing a West London bar subject to a licence review following a murder on its premises. We were able to negotiate minor changes to the licence conditions and ensure there was no revocation or suspension of the licence.
  • Acting for the exclusive West-End nightclub, Chinawhite, in preparing temporary event notices covering major events throughout the year.
  • We successfully obtained a new premises licence for a client who operates in a cumulative impact zone. Despite objections from residents and interest groups, the application was granted following a methodical approach.
  • We negotiated with the local council to allow a premises to continue trading following the lapse of its licences, due to the insolvency of the premises licence holder. This saved the business from losing tens of thousands of pounds in revenue before being able to obtain a new licence.
  • Acting for a historic members club in its refurbishment project which involved advising on all licensing related issues.
  • Obtaining a shadow premises licence in respect of a premises under Westminster City Council.