Land-Based (Non-Remote) Premises Licences

Casino Licences
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Where gambling facilities are provided in premises, for example, bingo halls, betting offices, adult gaming centres and licensed family entertainment centres, an application must be made to the local authority for a Gambling Premises Licence.

You must have a right to occupy the premises and submit scaled drawings which cover the requirements set out in the Gambling Premises Licence Regulations 2007. For a Premises Licence to be granted, an Operating Licence must first be issued, however it is possible to submit an application for a Premises Licence as long as an application for an Operating Licence has been made.

Each category of Premises Licence has different default operating hours, for example midday to 6am for casinos. However, an application can be made at the outset to extend the hours for the provision of gambling facilities. A local area risk assessment must be submitted with any application for a Gambling Premises Licence and the operator must participate in a local self-exclusion scheme.

Since 2006 it has not been possible to apply for new casino Premises Licences as the number was capped upon implementation of the 2005 Act, with 186 licences issued at the time. However, applications can be made to relocate casino premises within the same Licensing Authority area. For any other type of gambling business that would like to relocate, a new application must be made.