Outdoor Events & Festivals

Outdoor Events & Festivals License

Licensing lawyers for festivals and outdoor events

Outdoor events and festivals are a great place for friends to connect and socialise, hopefully while enjoying some nice weather! But organising large crowds with little to no permanent infrastructure can prove to be a tough task, even before taking into account legal consideration.

Our experienced team of experts can take the stress out of the legal side of things, by helping you navigate the tricky regulatory landscape and providing support and advice to ensure your event is a success.

For small events of less than 500 people, it is usually possible to go ahead with a Temporary Event Notice, however larger events will probably require a Premises Licence. While the consultation period for a Premises Licence is only four weeks, often with large scale events this will be the culmination of protracted discussions and negotiations with the licensing authority, police and other relevant stakeholders, meaning it is important to leave plenty of time to obtain the licence.

Time and consideration will need to be given to issues of noise nuisance, transportation, crowd management, and combatting anti-social behaviour. We have extensive knowledge on this subject and can help you plan in advance so that your event runs smoothly.

Where things go wrong, we have a strong background in successfully representing clients who have been subject to licence reviews and criminal proceedings in connection with their licence. We also have extensive experience in supporting our clients to appeal the decisions of licensing committees.

Our current and previous work includes:

  • Acting for an open-air theatre.
  • Obtaining a premises licence for a country estate putting on events for 20,000 people.
  • Acting for a music festival organiser on securing a new premises licence.
  • Advising a national opera on licensing law.