Pavement (Tables and Chairs) Licences

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Licensing lawyers for pavement licences (tables and chairs licences) – Ince licensing solicitors

The UK may not be known for excellent weather, but when the sun is shining it’s very difficult to enjoy an evening drink when weaving through fellow revellers in a cramped smoking area. In London alone, there are over 17,000 restaurants but outside space is at a premium. If you would like to place tables and chairs outside your premises, a Pavement Licence will be required.

In addition, if you plan to advertise outside your venue, for example on umbrellas or windbreaks, advertising consent is necessary. For more information please see our planning permission page here.

We have considerable experience in advising on planning permission and obtaining ‘Tables and Chairs’ Licences including for clients in Special Policy Areas and Cumulative Impact Zones such as Westminster and will always deal with the concerns of local residents and your neighbours in a sensitive manner.

We have advised large and small clients across the UK, with our previous clients ranging from small independent coffee shops to nationwide restaurant chains.

Our work includes:

  • We acted for a boutique darts venue in Islington and advised on obtaining maximum seats in an unusual pavement area in London.
  • We advised the nationwide tapas restaurant chain, La Tasca, on securing tables and chairs licences across the UK.