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The UK may not be known for excellent weather, but when the sun is shining it is very difficult to enjoy an evening drink when weaving through fellow revellers in a cramped smoking area. In London alone, there are over 17,000 restaurants but outside space is at a premium. If you would like to place tables and chairs outside your premises, a Pavement Licence will be required.

In addition, if you plan to advertise outside your venue, for example on umbrellas or windbreaks, advertising consent is necessary. For more information please see our planning permission page here.

We have considerable experience in advising on planning permission and obtaining ‘Tables and Chairs’ Licences and will always deal with the concerns of local residents and your neighbours in a sensitive manner.

We have advised large and small clients across the UK, with our previous clients ranging from small independent coffee shops to nationwide restaurant chains.

** The Government has introduced legislation to support businesses in the pandemic, permitting outdoor tables and chairs with shelters and marquees, without the need to apply for planning permission. The Government has published guidance on how outdoor shelters and marquees can be installed safely. Operators should note that a pavement / tables and chairs licence will still be required when using council land next to their premises, to set up tables and chairs for their customers. However, since the introduction of the Business and Planning Act 2020, the process is made much simpler and is fast tracked. The relaxation of rules currently end on 30 September 2021. Operators who currently hold a Tables and Chairs Licence can continue to operate under that licence. Please see our article on “Outdoor Hospitality – One for the Road” – add hyperlink. As rules and regulations continue to change during these unprecedented times, our team of experts are available to provide up-to-date advice and assistance.

Why choose us

Whilst seeking permission to place tables and chair outside can be a simple process, this can be quite a complicated task due to the overlapping of planning permission, pavement licensing and alcohol licensing. Our team of experts have extensive knowledge of the sector and can offer realistic and effective advice and work with you to achieve your objectives. We can work with you to make sure you have the correct licences in place for your business.

We have worked with various licensing authorities over the years and the benefit of our experience, enables us to anticipate the likely approach of these authorities and to prepare applications, as far as possible, in order to achieve the best possible outcome for you.

Examples of our current and previous work includes:

  • We acted for a boutique darts venue in Islington and advised on obtaining maximum seats in an unusual pavement area in London.
  • We advised a nationwide tapas restaurant chain, on securing tables and chairs licences across the UK.
  • We obtained a pavement licence for the Tapa Republic, located in Brighton.
  • Since Covid-19, we have advised various operators on the relaxation of rules in respect of planning and the fast track route to obtaining pavement licences.
  • We have successfully applied for a pavement licence under the fast track route, for a restaurant chain.