Theatres & Cinemas Licensing Law

Licensing Lawyers For Theatres & Cinemas

Licensing lawyers for theatres and cinemas

We have worked extensively for clients who run theatres and cinemas and have a keen understanding of the challenges they face in operating their businesses. We regularly help our clients obtain critical authorisations such as Premises Licences and Personal Licences.

We have experience of advising theatres and cinemas. These large capacity venues require careful thought, given the significant number of people who attend and leave the premises en masse. Such venues have to pay particular regard to fire safety requirements and dispersal, to minimise public nuisance. We have been engaged to seek extended licensing hours for premises located in high density residential areas, which have required careful consideration and planning. We have provided advice to operators on Covid-19 regulations, including maintaining social distancing and conducting risk assessments and therefore complying with the public safety licensing objective.

Should you wish to change the layout or operating hours of your establishment, we are highly experienced in obtaining variations to existing licences and can help you meet your objectives.

Why choose us

Our team of experts have extensive knowledge of the sector and can offer realistic and effective advice and work with you to achieve your objectives. We can work with you to make sure you have the correct licences in place for your business.

We have worked with various licensing authorities over the years and the benefit of our experience, enables us to anticipate the likely approach of these authorities and to prepare applications, as far as possible, in order to achieve the best possible outcome for you.

Examples of our current and previous work includes:

  • Acting for the British Academy of Film and Television Arts (BAFTA) to secure a variation to their premises licence.
  • Acting for English National Opera to vary its premises licence.
  • Helping to secure variations to a premises licence for Columbia Pictures.
  • Successfully obtaining a new premises licence for Sony Pictures when moving their headquarters.
  • Advising the boutique movie theatre chain, Everyman Cinema, on obtaining new premises licences across the United Kingdom.
  • Providing advice to operators on Covid-19 regulations, including maintaining social distancing and conducting risk assessments.